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To the mainstream media, the fashion industry,  internet bullies, and anyone else who thinks it’s their right to try to make us feel less than because of their insecurities. Fuck you. #everyBODYisflawless #fatisnotaflaw. Love, Gabifresh, Tess Munster, and NadiaAboulhosn <3 To see more, check my blog post!

I can finally share this!!! I wrote about it too!!! Eeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

So freaking thrilled to see this video.

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"Body Love" by Mary Lambert

I know girls who are trying to fit into the social norm

Like squeezing into last year’s prom dress

I know girls who are low rise, Mac eye shadow, and binge drinking

I know girls that wonder if they’re disaster and sexy enough to fit in

I know girls who are fleeing bombs from the mosques of their skin

Playing Russian Roulette with death; it’s never easy to accept that our bodies are fallible and flawed

But when do we draw the line?

When the knife hits the skin?

Isn’t it the same thing as purging

Because we’re so obsessed with death

Some women just have more guts than others

The funny thing is women like us don’t shoot

We swallow pills, still wanting to be beautiful at the morgue

Still proceeding to put on make-up

Still hoping that the mortician finds us fuckable and attractive

We might as well be buried with our shoes and handbags and scarves, girls

We flirt with death every time we etch a new tally mark into our skin

I know how to split my wrists to reveal a battlefield too

But the time has come for us to reclaim our bodies

Our bodies deserve more than to be war-torn and collateral

Offering this fuckdom as a pathetic means to say,

"I only know how to exist when I am wanted."

Girls like us are hardly ever wanted, you know

We’re used up and we’re sad and drunk and

Perpetually waiting by the phone for someone to pick up and tell us that we did good

Well, you did good.

(I know I am because I said, “I am.”

My body is home)

Try this

Take your hands over your bumpy love body naked

And remember the first time you touched someone

With the sole purpose of learning all of them

Touched them because the light was pretty on them

And the dust in the sunlight danced the way your heart did

Touch yourself with a purpose

Your body is the most beautiful royal

Fathers and uncles are not claiming your knife anymore

Are not your razor, no

Put the sharpness back

Lay your hands flat and feel the surface of scarred skin

I once touched a tree with charred limbs

The stump was still breathing

But the tops were just ashy remains

I wonder what it’s like to come back from that because

Because sometimes I feel forest fires erupting from my wrists

And the smoke signals sent out are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen

Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet

And brother arm wrapping shoulders, and remember

This is important

You are worth more than who you fuck

You are worth more than a waistline

You are worth more than beer bottles displayed like drunken artifacts.

You are worth more than any naked body could proclaim in the shadows,

More than a man’s whim or your father’s mistake

You are no less valuable as a size 16 than a size 4

You are no less valuable as a 32a than a 36c

Your sexiness is defined by concentric circles within your wood

It is wisdom

You are a goddamn tree stump with leaves sprouting out


Lyrics and Video  © Mary Lambert

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So many AMAZING things happening today &#8212; can&#8217;t wait to share it all with you &lt;3

So many AMAZING things happening today — can’t wait to share it all with you <3

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Words cannot adequately express how excited we are to kick off the inaugural Body Love Conference in Tucson Arizona TODAY.

Therefore, we are going to say it with gifs:

Suffice it to say, we’re excited about today. Can’t wait to see you there!

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We are so excited to feature our first guest post here on the Body Love Conference blog — and it is from the one, the only, Amanda Trusty. If for some reason you were trapped in a nuclear fallout shelter for the last few months, go check out her incredible tap routine to Katy Perry’s “Roar,” and then go watch the follow-up video she just released this past Friday. Powerful, beautiful, revolutionary stuff.


And now, without further ado — Amanda’s story of Lani, and how we can start the body love revolution for all future generations of women: 

This past Friday, it was like pulling teeth to get my nine-year old student, Lani, to focus in her tap dance lesson. She kept kneeling down and acting like she was tired. So I finally asked her, “Girlfriend, what is happening here? Am I boring you?”

She said nonchalantly, “Well, I kind of had a rough day.”

I asked her why.

She said, “Well, there are some girls at school who have been making fun of my big belly and my big butt. And then today, one of them pushed me out of the way when I was looking at the chicks in science class.”

I was speechless. Yes. Me.

The “Roar” girl, the eating disorder awareness blogger, the body love activist, speechless.

This is all I fight for – to love ourselves and forget the naysayers – and I didn’t know what to tell her.

Because at age nine, I don’t think she’s allowed to say “fuck you, I’m sexy” quite yet.

So I spit out the first two things that popped into my head, essentially to avoid bursting into tears.

“Lani, I’m gonna tell you what’s up. First of all, you’re really tall for your age. I wouldn’t call your butt big. But you do have a butt. And compared to everyone else who isn’t growing as fast as you, having a butt at all is something that not every nine-year-old is used to. So in four years, when everyone has a butt, you can all sit down at lunch and talk about it together. But until then, it seems you’re the only one lucky enough to have a butt.”

She giggled and nodded that she liked that thought.

Then I said, “Second of all, look at my butt.” I turned around and smacked it. (I know Lani’s mother, and I knew this would be acceptable.) “I have a pretty sizeable butt. You know why?”

Her eyes opened wide and she whispered, “Why?”

“Because I’m a tap dancer!” I exclaimed. “Look at what I can do with this big butt.”

I leaned over and gave her rolling paddles faster than I’ve ever demonstrated to her before.

“If you love tap dancing as much as I do, you’re gonna have to be okay with having a strong butt that might stick out farther than everyone else’s. Is that gonna be okay with you? Cuz if it’s not, we better stop tapping together three days a week.”

She smiled and nodded. “I’m okay with having a tap dance butt.”

I said, “Okay. Good. Now let’s make some noise.”

You guys, it’s starting when they’re nine. NINE. Lani is half-Hawaiian, and she is naturally thicker than the other girls in dance class. She’s also a fierce tapper, a hilarious child, and a beautiful young girl with a contagious smile. She’s got some charisma that one.

So how do we keep Lani’s contagious energy alive if we can’t protect her 24/7? How in the world do we keep the other nine-year-olds at school from dampening that bright light that Lani exudes?

It starts with us.

Read More

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We have, as a society, such a completely disordered, distorted perception of female bodies that the vast majority of people are incapable of recognising what “overweight” actually looks like on a woman, let alone “healthy”. As such, we’re now at a point where women are not only raised to hate their bodies as a matter of course, but are shown, from childhood, a wholly inaccurate picture of what they “should” look like – a narrow, nigh on impossible physical standard they are then punished, both socially and medically, for failing to attain.

I don’t say this lightly. I say it because this is the only conclusion supported by the facts.

Let’s examine the evidence, shall we?

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It’s not too late to buy your ticket to this year’s Body Love Conference! Even better, we’re offering a special discount rate of $50!! Simply type in the code “WEEKLY” in the provided box when checking out on EventBee to save. http://www.eventbee.com/v/thebodyloveconference
Can’t wait to see you there!

It’s not too late to buy your ticket to this year’s Body Love Conference! Even better, we’re offering a special discount rate of $50!! Simply type in the code “WEEKLY” in the provided box when checking out on EventBee to save. http://www.eventbee.com/v/thebodyloveconference

Can’t wait to see you there!

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